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KABUL–The United States’ hasty retreat from Afghanistan has left an unbelievable mark on the region,

At around noon this afternoon, fourteen of David McCormick’s friends sat at the cafeteria bewildered:

LOS ANGELES- After a truly powerful commencement ceremony, full of average singing and a speech

LA–After a highly publicized and controversial push from the Parent’s Association, Excelsior Academy has finally

LA–A recent study conducted by the failing school newspaper, the Soarer, has revealed that, on

EXCELSIOR–James Bradowsky, known in the stoner community as “Jbone” reportedly printed a fully functioning bong

LOS ANGELES–In an attempt to combat the highly publicized vaping epidemic, Excelsior Academy has decided

LOS ANGELES–The school’s softball team’s recent end to their season brings up an important question:

Everyone knows the unspoken rules of life. These include keeping your elbows off the table,